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Lose Weight with Dr. Kenneth Grossman

Do You Desire Personal Help to Lose Weight?

Consult with Dr. Kenneth Grossman in Sacramento, CA or by phone to assure your success.

He's helped thousands of men and women to lose weight and become stronger, leaner, healthier, more physically fit and he can help you.

People from all over the world stars, entertainers, politicians, fashion designers, high ranking military officers, doctors, business executives and people just like you... have lost weight and kept it off with Dr. Grossman's help.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Grossman's credentials?
Dr. Kenneth Grossman has a Certificate in Lifestyle Weight Loss Management from Harvard Medical School, a doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell University. He also studied Advanced Hypnotherapy in London at the UK Academy of Therapeutic Arts and Sciences.

How long is each session?
Each session is scheduled for one hour.

How often are the sessions?
Sessions are usually held once a week.

Who pays for the phone calls if I am a phone client?
Dr. Grossman pays for phone charges in the United States and Canada and Dr. Grossman initiates the calls. With the reduction in long distance charges during the past few years for International calls the cost will be minimal. Check with your long distance carrier if you live in a country other than the US or Canada.

Are results guaranteed?
Dr. Grossman cannot possibly offer a guarantee on private session programs because he cannot guarantee human behavior. No one can. But he challenges YOU to guarantee your own success and take charge of your choices. Client's results depend upon their motivation to change and their ability to follow simple instructions.

What happens if I have to miss a session?
We expect the courtesy of 48 hours notice so we can re-fill your time slot, otherwise that session is lost. This is standard in any business where services are provided by time.

What happens if I don't finish my sessions?
Be committed to change before you begin. No half-hearted measures, please. Dr. Grossman puts 100% into this and expects his clients to do the same. The program is non-refundable.

What happens if I want more sessions?
You’ll want to discuss this with Dr. Grossman.

Is this program tax deductible?
This program is tax deductible if recommended by your doctor. Verify with your tax advisor.

Do you do hypnotherapy for other issues along with the weight loss?
Yes, Dr. Grossman has been a Hypnotherapist for over 30 years so he has worked with just about every issue. Sometimes an issue holds back a client’s weight loss, such as alcohol consumption. Be sure to discuss this with Dr. Grossman.

OK I'm ready. What do I do to get started?
Click on the button below or call the office. Once you are registered we'll make an appointment for your first session.  

One more thing...
expect success. Always, always expect success.

NOTE: After you order we’ll contact you to schedule your appointment. If you prefer to register by phone, or have any questions, please call 1-800-810-5936

Here’s What Past Clients Have Said...

*"This was a gift I gave myself. It turned out to be a life transforming experience. I not only lost 82 pounds, but I regained myself. I can't thank you enough."
-Tanya Bodet, New Orleans, La

*“I lost an average of 16 pounds between our private sessions! You've really blown me away with the powerful hypnosis sessions we did and how much you've been able to help me. I am now a choosy eater! I have a new body image. I am not perfect, but I am fantastic and that really feels good for the first time in my life. I really, really thank you.”
-Terry Burke

*"I waited for 6 months to send this. This morning I reached my weight goal! We set it over 7 months ago. You taught me persistence and maturity and patience and kindness to myself. I didn't do everything perfectly. I am not a saint. You put some things into my mind that just kept repeating over and over every day. Now I love to exercise and I love to eat for my health instead of junk. Those things I never did before our private sessions together. I don't think I ever even tasted food before. The sessions were the best money I ever spent. Thank you and God bless you."
- Becky Creighton

*"This is the story of a 42 year old woman, with failing health who NOW HAS A NEW LEASE ON LIFE THANKS TO DR. KEN! I'd been feeling tired and worn down for the past 5 years. I have gone to several doctors trying to figure out why I was feeling crummy. I was recently divorced, had no medical insurance, and after years of raising children instead of having a career, NOT much money. I was thinking maybe I was going through the change of life .Tired, hot flashes, memory going to heck, my joints were going to heck. I recently hurt my knee. I tore the menial meniscus and ruptured the A.C.L. What else could it be? After all, all the tests the doctors did showed I was healthy as a horse. The doctors also said I was too young to go through the change of life. SO WHAT WAS GOING ON??? Desperate to find out what was going on I switched to alternative medicine in the hope to get some answers. I was tired of being 42 years old in an 82 year old body. So I made an appointment with a Kinesiologist. I chose alternative medicine because the women in my family have a history of wellness and strength and lean toward natural medicine. (Doctors absolutely have value and a place in my life also and I never meant to say they don't.) 45 minutes into the appointment the doctor suggested that I may have a gluten intolerance Over years of this intolerance has done quite a bit of damage: hence the tiredness, hot flashes, joint problems, bloat, irregular female cycle, not sleeping through the night, laps of memory etc. After learning this, I knew I could not achieve wellness on my own. Being so tired and worn down I couldn't keep my head in the game enough to find the “weller” me. THIS IS WHEN I GOT ON THE NET AND FOUND DR. KEN. After reading up on his website I knew he was a professional and I felt there was a caring within the website that just spoke to me. I felt he was the one who could help me. I bought his weight loss package without hesitation. It is very small price to pay for a new lease on life.( I am a ranch hand and only make $1000 a month. Almost the cost of the package. Worth every penny for a new, “weller” me.) Dr. Ken customized the sessions for my gluten intolerance, which he told me is Celiac disease, also for my low energy, memory, self healing. Dr. Ken even helped me with allergies and the winter blues during my sessions. JUST BECAUSE HE CARES SO MUCH. I can't thank him enough for the extra work he did. He did tons of research to understand my specific needs. Helped me get my head in the game so I can get stronger. Am I 42 Years yet? Not quite. After 6 sessions I do feel much closer to 52 and gaining every day. Bad knee and all! I started out at 180 lbs and so far in 2 months I am now at 166 lbs still losing weight. Even after a little stall out. For a week and a half. As my body adjusted to the new me. I have more want to, more energy. Even my tired old memory is getting some better. The only thing I had to do is commit to the plan. Dr. Ken does know what he is doing and if you follow his advice and put in the time, I know anybody can do this. It takes about 1/2 hour a day and it’s worth every second of time. On a personal note: Dr. Ken if I ever have the privilege to meet you in person, you had better expect the biggest HUG of your life. I plan on squeezing the stuffing out of you. You have a friend for life."
- Mary Brown
South Dakota

DISCLAIMER:  These testimonials are individual experiences and results may vary person to person.

Weight Loss Kick Start Program WEIGHT LOSS - $350

Policy Statement:  In the event that you need to reschedule an appointment we require a 48 hour notice. If we have less than 48 hour notice and cannot fill your time slot you will be charged for the session.
Note: Refunds are not allowed on private session programs.
Thank you for your understanding,

Includes a 2 Hour Consultation and Weight Loss CDs